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Although the availability status of Zumbar Press' broadsides and other poetry book objects will be updated on this page (with the number being noted under an item's description), as the print run gets down to five or less, it is best to check on their availability first via email at zumbarpress [at] gmail [dot] com. 
Otherwise, to order any broadsides or poetry book objects, simply click on the Paypal button(s) below. 

(8 1/2 x 6 1/2) Limited poetry broadbook                     
E X C L O S U R E S by Emily Abendroth $20.00 (15 signed copies forthcoming)

Hand-stitched embroidery binding; printed on off-white linen stock using Century Schoolbook, Artcraft Italic, Goudy Italic, and Louvaine Italic 

                                                    (Current number of copies available: 23)

(8x6) Limited poetry broadside CONSONANCE / VULNING by Divya Victor $15.00

(Current number of copies available: 2)                                             

Limited poetry broadside TREE HYMN by a.rawlings $15.00
           (Current number of copies available: 2)

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